Smokey Quartz Natural Crystal with a Notch, a Bevel, Record Keepers, Golden Rutiliation, and Self Healed

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This Smoky Quartz is a power house filled with natural quartz formations adding to its beauty and energy!

Notched crystals appear to have a notch cut out of the side of a facet or from the side of the crystal. Helps you find guides to improve your life and help you find the answers you are seeking.

Beveled Crystals connect you with finding yourself and being authentically YOU. They assist in reclaiming your power and confidence so you can stand firm in your truth.

Record Keeper Crystals have raised or engraved triangles on at least one of the facets. These record keepers contain ancient knowledge and wisdom encoded on them to benefit your personal development and the betterment of Mother Earth.

Rutilation (small golden strands within the crystal -this crystal has one thick golden strand near the base) intensifies the energy of the crystal and emotional energy helping you break through blockages as well as enhances clairvoyance. It quickens the process of manifestation, intuition, emotional catharsis, psychic opening, consciousness expansion, and inter-dimensional travel. It assists us in attuning to our Higher Self and helps us know if someone or situation is not serving us.

Self Healed crystals through their own energy have healed where they were detached from the mining process, usually at the base. If you look closely there are tiny crystals growing at the base. They assists you in healing your emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds, which have prevented your progress and help you with forgiveness. They help you overcome fear of awakening and help you move forward with courage.

Smoky Quartz dissolves negative energies and mental/emotional blockages, excellent grounding and protection stone.

Provides for an encompassing barrier of energy around the user.

Antidote to stress helping you to tolerate difficult times with equanimity and a fortifying resolve, promotes personal pride and joy in living.

Can lift depression and bring calm.

It is a “stone of cooperation” stimulating the unification of energies towards the goal.

Strengthens practicality, resolve and organization.

It relieves fear, and aids in manifesting one’s dreams and inspiration.

1st chakra.

5.2" T x 2.2" W x 1.6"D