Rhodonite Egg

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I love this earthy piece of Rhodonite. The black gives it a substantial grounding energy to the openness of the heart. The egg shape offers the wisdom of creation and birthing something new, be it a relationship, a heart centered business, or becoming a parent.

Rhodonite – is a stone of compassion, love and generosity, activating the heart chakra.

It synthesizes ones attunement to spirituality and the Earth plane, promoting calm assurance. 

It develops altruism, selfless service, and understanding.

It’s energy grounds emotional imbalances to bring calm stability. 

It helps one to discern real from fantasy in love and relationships.

It is an aid which helps one achieve their greatest potential in love and life while dispelling anxiety and promoting coherence.

Works with the 1st and 4th Chakras.

2.4" T x 1.75" around.