Possibility of Abundant Success and Vibrant Health Mala

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This mala will help you develop abundant success and maintain vibrant health while doing so! It is made up of nine potent gemstones that work together to enhance confidence, will power, and a positive attitude.

(top to bottom)

White Moonstone - Purpose, intuition, feminine confidence, good fortune, caring relationships, peace of mind, new beginnings

Carnelian - Abundance, motivation, possibility, inspiration, trust in yourself, positive choices

Pyrite - Protective stone which reflects/blocks all types of negativity, relieves anxiety and frustration and boosts self-worth and confidence, Manifestation, action, vitality, willpower, creativity

Honey Jade - Abundance, contentment, inner strength, attaining dreams and goals, self-assuredness, joy, vitality

Chrysoprase - Health, love, inner peace and strength, trusting the process, positive inner growth, encouraging miracles in your life

Green Aventurine - Financial success, trust life with an open heart, confidence, positive stone for prosperity, Improves leadership, decisiveness and perseverance

Bloodstone - Intense healing stone, grounds heart energy, health, physical, emotional, and mental renewal, while also revitalizing relationships and love, altruism

Hematite - Dissolves negativity while transforming it to universal love, removes self-limitations, stone of manifestation, self-acceptance and purification of the body for optimal health

Labradorite - Vitality, karmic awareness and purification, relieves insecurities, perseverance, trust in your intuition, achievement of your destiny