Lemurian Quartz - DOW with Record Keepers

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This Lemurian quartz crystal is a hunky handful! There are obvious areas where other crystals were once merged with it. Some gorgeous and rather large record keeper triangles on two facets. And it is a Dow crystal!

Lets start with Lemurian, which means that it holds the wisdom of this ancient civilization, which combined the frequencies of heart and mind to attune to your own divine nature. Holders can experience the vibrant energy and relish in the healing properties of etheric bliss.

Dow crystals have a 3 x 7-sided top faces, and 3x 3-sided, arranged alternately. This leads us to the lessons that we need so we can strive for a balance of Divinity (3) with our inner truth (7). It tunes you into the perfection of the Divine within you. It opens you p to inner communication allowing your creative, authentic self to be fully expressed.

Record Keeper Crystals have raised or engraved triangles on at least one of the facets. These record keepers contain ancient knowledge and wisdom encoded on them to benefit your personal development and the betterment of Mother Earth. 

You will love this crystal!!

Quartz's #1 attribute is Programmability, you can program it for anything your heart desires.

It also amplifies one’s intention.

Quartz serves in purification of your physical, mental and spiritual bodies; clearing, cleansing and healing.

It enhances memory and brings clarity of thinking.

It harmonizes and aligns human energies of thought, consciousness and emotions with the universe.

It is a stone of power and harmony. It is both physical and mental energizer.

7th Chakra, All Chakras.

4.5" T x 2.3" W x 1.5" D