Iridescent Pyrite Round Cluster

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This colorful golden cluster is primarily round with a slightly domed bottom (shown in the 4th picture).

It is naturally iridescent and possesses colors ranging from gold to orange, pink, green, blue and violet.

It is a more colorful version on pyrite and thus holds the properties of pyrite as well.

Iridescent Pyrite – Enhances metaphysical abilities and provides a protective shield during journeying and against psychic vampires or people who exhaust you

Helps you to gently turn situations back so the person becomes aware of what has been going on,.

Focuses your intuition as you move through multi-dimensions while remaining fully present in everyday reality.

Pyrite is believed to be a stone of vitality, increasing one’s willpower and establishing new patterns of health and positivity.

Meditate with is cluster to invoke your ability and potential, to stimulate creative flow, and to harness the sun’s powerful energy.

You’ll find deep-seated confidence and the persistence to carry things through to completion as you work with this form of pyrite.

3rd Chakra, All Chakras.

1.1" T x 1.1" round.