Green Calcite Tower, 4.9" tall

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This solid green calcite tower is both a blue green and yellow green at the same time. When placed near a source of light like a window, it seems to glow from within! So stunning! The four sides of this tower offer stability to trusting your heart and letting love guide your life. 

Green Calcite - Is a wonderful ally in cleansing of old pain and negative emotions.

It promotes a deep and restorative sense of relaxation.

It's calming presence helps you develop emotional balance, healing old wounds and opening up to new positive experiences.

When overwhelmed with life, consumed with worry or anxiety, or under pressure it helps you regain harmony by releasing stress and resentment.

The green color is like a breath of fresh air as it helps you reconnect with the heart and self-love.


Works with the 4th Chakra.

4.9" T x 1.6" W x 1.6" D