Faden Quartz

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Faden Quartz is a crystal containing an inclusion of white thread-like fibrous formations. Faden means thread in German.

It is superb in healing the etheric body and auric field; catalyzing physical healing. 

It is a stone of connection; helps one to find one’s compliment

It can cleanse the aura and open the chakras

Faden Quartz is a stone for finding hidden answers

Brings flexibility in one’s attitudes and strength to one’s decisions.

One of the premier healing stones of the quartz family.

One’s capacity for healing is activated and reinforced.

Can be used in healing the etheric body and auric field, catalyzing physical healing.

It is a crystal of connection - between oneself and the chosen recipient.

It is highly programmable, increasing their potency as healing stones.

It is a “stone for astral travel”.

Facilitates “mending” on all levels, guiding one to the causes and healing the disorder too. It promotes physical, mental and emotional stability.

Clears all chakras.

2" Tx 1.25" W x .3" D

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