Epidote in Quartz, Key

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This sweet quartz crystal point and small cluster has epidote growing throughout the crystal, giving it a milky green coloration. There is a clearly defined key on the back of the main crystal.

A Key Crystal is recognized by a hole, which has penetrated into the crystal and usually has hexagonal or triangular sides. Key crystals are used to help unlock the mysteries within you. They open up those places you were unwilling to open up to before. They often hold the vibrational connection for you to find the answer to a problem or question for you or for a client.

Quartz and Epidote are such a magical combination as each enhances the energy of the other and amplifies intention!!!

Epidote purges and cathartically detoxifies negative and repressed emotions.

It is helpful in overcoming habitual negativity, hopelessness, sarcasm, self-doubt and other destructive emotional pattern.

Epidote has positive and enlightening energy,

It encourages one to take action to make positive changes.

Release of negativity, embracing positive patterns, attraction of what one emanates.

Increases that which one attunes it to.

It augments things of the material world: wealth, possessions, relationships, employment, etc.

It augments the properties of other stones.

It dispels criticality, enhances perception, participation, and personal power.

It treats disorders of the thyroid and brain.

While a green stone, often associated with the heart chakra, it balances all chakras.

1.75" T x 1.0" W x 0.7"D

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