Crystal Cleansing Smudge Kit

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This kit holds everything you need to smudge your crystals, cleansing them of accumulated negative energy. The smudge kit will enhance your experience of smudging and clear energy wherever needed. It includes the vessel (shell), the herbs to burn, a feather to direct the smoke and crystals to enjoy on your journey. 


  • 1 Abalone Shell
  • 1 large 8" White Sage Bundle
  • Dried Rose Petals
  • Dried Fir Needles
  • 1 Turkey Wing Feather
  • 1 Red Jasper Pocket Stone
  • 1 Carnelian Oval Pocket Stone
  • 1 Prasiolite ("Green Amethyst") Pocket Stone
  • 1 Blue Lace Agate Pocket Stone
  • 1 Natural Lemurian Quartz Crystal
  • Smudging Instruction Guide

Red Jasper is a stone of protection and grounding, also known as the supreme nurturer. It sustains and supports during times of stress, brings tranquility, determination, and courage.

Carnelian helps you trust yourself while it increases physical energy, personal power, motivation, creativity, passion, and analytical capabilities. It promotes positive choices, honoring the world with love and creativity to solve problems.

Blue Lace Agate enhances communication, clarity, confidence, openness and connection to highest truth, inner wisdom, loyalty, and trustworthiness. 

Prasiolite is linked to the element of earth, the energies of inner vision, power, and self-love. The stone vibrates chiefly with the heart chakra and it is highly spiritual.

Lemurian Quartz represents wisdom and openness. It’s the epitome of universal consciousness and the idea of self-actualization. 

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