Golden Healer Quartz Tower, 3.5" Tall

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This Golden Healer Quartz tower is from Brazil. The golden hue runs throughout this tower that is both milky and clear in areas. There is one thin inclusion of a black mineral and areas of rainbows!

Golden Healer quartz crystal is quartz that is partially or totally covered with iron oxide. Lots of quartz crystal has a layer of iron oxide when it comes out of the mine. However, “Golden Healer” quartz crystal has a layer of clear quartz trapping the golden color (iron oxide) inside. Often the lightly coated Golden Healers will have rainbow iridescence on the outer layer (like rainbows you see on oil slicks). This is called natural rainbow aura. Golden Healer quartz crystal emits an especially high energy. They are good for healing and have a soft, bright energy. 

Rainbow Crystals represent the colors of the chakra system and the interdimensional connection between them all. They are here to remind you that you are not separate from anyone or anything, nor are you separate from any part of yourself. Rainbows connect you to Universal Love and that love helps you deal with negativity. The dancing colors of these crystals remind us to have fun and go with the flow.

Golden Healer Quartz – Catalyst for profound spiritual activation and healing, expands awareness, helps you to walk in divine consciousness on the earth so that your whole being helps the planet ascend.

It purifies, aligns and reenergizes the chakras and rapidly releases ancient emotional conditioning held in the solar plexus

GHQ harnesses the personal will with divine will so that the Higher Self becomes the guiding light rather than the ego

It facilitates making profound changes in your life with minimum fuss and effort.

Quartz is a stone of power and harmony, clarity of thinking, and is a physical and mental energizer.

All chakras, especially 3rd and 7th chakras.

3.5" T x 2.25" W x 1.6" D