Columbian Clear Quartz Twins, Time Link, Channeling Crystal

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These Columbian Twin Quartz points are wonderfully clear. the taller of the two has two time links on either side of the 7 sided face, one for the past the other for the future. The 7 sided face in the front of the crystal is opposed by a tiny perfect manifesting triangle in the back. With all this going on in this crystal you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Clear Quartz holds the vibration of white light and thus carries the energy of all 7 rainbow rays.

It energizes all chakras bringing healing on all levels.

It is known as a stone of power, harmonizing human energies with that of the universe.

It is used for meditation, purification, spiritual development and diagnostic healing.

Can be programed therefore it is an amplification of one’s intentions.

Magnification of energies, clearing, cleansing, healing, enhancement of memory.

Programmability is its super power as it amplifies your intentions.

It assists in purifying the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

It is known for clearing, cleansing and healing, memory enhancement as well as harmonizing and aligning human energies of thought, consciousness and emotions with the universe.

Quartz is a stone of power and harmony, clarity of thinking, and is a physical and mental energizer.

Channeling crystals are identified by a large 7 sided face in the front of the crystal with the opposing backside manifesting a perfect triangle. These crystals can be used to access information and wisdom at all levels of creation. These crystals provide you with a connecting source of energy to the higher self. It is a communication of the body, mind, and spirit and the integration of those into a thought form. It also represents the search for joy and universal love and its intended culmination of that joy and love in your daily life.

Time Link Crystals exhibit one or more parallelograms on the side of a crystal face or faces. If the parallelogram is leaning right or forward, it will connect you with the future. If it is leaning left or backwards, it will allow you to connect with the past. TLC are used to access information of the ages and the future. The information will be about you or your client and is the link to be used for the purpose of healing wounds or reaping future rewards. TLC serve as the bridge between the Higher Self and your soul's experience.


All chakras, especially 7th chakra.

1.9" H x 1.25" W x 1.1" D