Chlorite in Quartz Tower, Isis Crystal

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This beautifully clear quartz tower is speckled with green Chlorite. With the five pointed face, it is an Isis Crystal too! 

Chlorite in Quartz – all around very healing stone (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).

Their energy may aid healers as well as helping with self healing.

They will help a number of physical health problems as well as assisting the healing of emotional and spiritual based issues.

It easily purifies and cleanses the aura and chakras.

They have a strong heart based energy and are excellent healing stones.

Helps you to understand negative emotions like anger and hostility and to dispel the unwanted emotions.

It offers a regenerative connection with the Earth and Nature. They help you to make a connection with Mother Gaia and elemental earth beings.

Their vibration is well known for its action to assist you to make a deeper connection with nature spirits.

They are helpful healing crystals for you to use to utilize earth energy.

They have a strong vibration that helps you to entrain with the Schumann resonance, the electromagnetic field of the earth.

Chlorite Quartz are powerful crystals to aid spiritual development.

They are helpful when used in meditation to aid you to develop psychic gifts.

They vibrate strongly within the higher chakras, and may assist you to contact the angels.

They may also assist you to connect with Spirit guides and other beings from the higher realms.

They have quite a few other excellent healing attributes including helping those with electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) to deal better with the effect of contact with devices that emit EMF's.

Isis Crystals are identified with one face of the termination that is five sided. These crystals help bring balance into our earthly experience so you can grow and manifest the life you came here for. They connect deeply with the power of the Divine Feminine.


Works with the 4th and 7th Chakras.

1.9" H x 0.85" W x 0.75" D