Blue Apatite Sphere, 2"

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These spheres are stunning! The rich aqua blue sparkles and shines in the sunlight. The sphere shape helps you to remember your wholeness when holding or meditating with them. 

Each sphere is hand selected for it's radiance and beauty. Therefore, each sphere is unique.

Apatite – Apatite is a “stone of the future” bringing inspiration, creativity, knowledge and clears mental confusion.

It brings clarity of emotions, assisting in letting go of pain in order to accept peace and joy.

It increases motivation, bolsters energy reserves, facilitates openness and social ease. 

Apatite brings access to knowledge, communication, truth, and a high level of spiritual guidance.

It is good for balancing energy, teaching, public speaking and group communication.

It stimulates intellectual freedom by promoting realization that strength occurs through spiritual expansion and love, dissolving negativity and aloofness.

It develops a balanced appetite for life.

Apatite helps to release difficulties, stress and inadequacy.

It offers clear expression of one’s full potential through action not re-action.

It is said to suppress hunger, raise metabolism and balance disorders related to food.


5th chakra.


Dimensions: 2.0" round

Weight: approximately 200 g, 0.45 lbs

*Stock photos. Your apatite sphere will be similar to those shown. Kyanite blades sold separately.