Apophyllite Crystal Cluster with Black Chalcedony

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This Apophyllite cluster is quite fascinating with its multitude of crystals on columns of Black Chalcedony. It feels so alive and ready to make magic happen! The pillars of Black Chalcedony ground the high vibrations of Apophyllite. 

Apophyllite - Purity and spiritual presence within a space, connection to angels and spirit guides, inner vision, meditative tool, understand spiritual lessons, total self-awareness, overcome karmic patterns.

Helps make a connection between the body and the spiritual realm.

Allows one to recognize and act upon the truth.

Facilitates astral travel.

Enhances mindful analysis tinged with universal love, encouraging one to seek, recognize, and correct deficiencies, while reflecting the naturalness of the state of “Perfection”.

Keeping apophyllite in one’s environment can provide an atmosphere of purity and spiritual presence in one’s home, meditation area or work space.

Infuses the aura and body with high-frequency Light energy.

Black Chalcedony - The frequency of black Chalcedony connects to the root chakra.

It has a stabilizing energy that helps to ground you both mentally and emotionally, so that you may go within to gain insight into negative emotions of fear that are holding you back.

This black type of Chalcedony helps open your consciousness to your inner thoughts and feelings so that you are able to acknowledge and release any negative patterns and emotions that are no longer serving you.

The energy of this black colored Chalcedony helps to stabilize and balance your energy field, so that you feel supported and secure in the actions you take in conscious response to life’s experiences.

Apophyllite connects with the 6th and 7th Chakras. Black Chalcedony roots you down to the 1st Chakra. The two together ground your spiritual energies so you can manifest your highest goals.

1.6" H x 2.1" W x 1.2" D

Origin: Jalgaon Mines, Maharashtra, India