Amphibole Quartz

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This natural amphibole quartz point has a Dow configuration.

Dow crystals have a 3 x 7-sided top faces, and 3x 3-sided, arranged alternately.

This leads us to the lessons that we need so we can strive for a balance of Divinity (3) with our inner truth (7).

Amphibole Quartz-a favorite of mine and is regularly in my pocket to share it's energy with me throughout the day.

This crystal brings peace, harmony and serenity through surety.

It breeds a strong sense of confidence within oneself – confidence in ones decisions, confidence to take on the unknown and new projects.

They are wonderful for manifestation work, lucid dreaming and highly protective from negative energies.

Particularly powerful for the upper chakras, 6th & 7th, yet really works on them all.

1.75" T x 0.75" W

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