About Us

Hi! I'm Mindy Arbuckle, a life-long crystal lover just like you. I've been offering my crystals for the past 15 years in person through my yoga centers. After transitioning out of my physical locations, I've decided to explore offering my crystals here, online to you, my friend. 

I curate the most potent crystals I can find. 99% of everything I offer is 100% natural and authentic from the earth. If it is not, I will tell you if it has been modified in some way. I believe in total transparency when it comes to crystals as there are enough people out there trying to fool you into buying something, anything even if it's not real.

We love selecting beautiful, unique, high vibe stones for you that we would choose for ourselves. Most of our crystals are one of a kind. Even those that are similar are each unique as no two crystals are identical.

We believe that everything is made of energy and crystals have their own unique signature of energy that can help you adjust your energy which brings in: happiness, courage, groundedness, fun, love, energy, connection. 

Our goal is to help you connect with the crystals that are right for you, whether they are for healing, beauty, function or energy. That way we can help you make your life and energy that much more harmonious. 

We offer a large selection of hand picked, high vibe, quality crystals. We only stock that which we would want to purchase for ourselves and our families. All our malas are hand made here in Colorado, filled with love and intention. 

We hope you'll stay a while. Look around. Learn. 

Connect with us on Instagram and on Facebook. Ask questions. I'm here to help you bring the joy and love of crystals into your life.

Crystals add a little magic to your rituals and to your life so find something that speaks to you and let it add sparkle to your life.

We are so glad you are here - we hope this space becomes your go-to crystal shop and resource. 

Mindy Arbuckle

I'm Mindy, the founder of this beautiful store and I'm happy you are here!

I've loved crystals my whole life. As a kid on vacation I always gravitated towards the crystals in the gift shops. I used them to make hemp jewelry as a teenager and now make beautiful malas (prayer beads) as talismans of your heart's desires. 

I'm a Master of Crystology, a Women's Empowerment Coach and have used crystals in my healing work for over 15 years! My love of crystals overlaps with the Chakra Healing I offer as well as enhancing my client's meditation practice. 

I absolutely love having crystals in my life and I hope to share that passion with you. I have them all over my home, make beautiful crystal grids, enhance my meditation altar with them, carry them in my pockets (and bra), and even travel with my crystal allies (TSA just loves me 😉). 

One of my favorite things to do is to give crystals a great home, whether that is through my shop or gifting them to friends and strangers alike. I am so grateful you are here! I can't wait to learn more about you and grow our connection.