Mini Energy Gemstone Stacker Bracelets

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Pure gemstone healing vibes in these elastic stacker bracelets. 

Balance your chakras, raise your vibe, create a field of protective energy and so much more with these little bracelets. 

Wear one or combine several for your own unique combination of stacker bracelets and energy.

All beads are 4mm unless otherwise noted. 

size: 7”. Fits most wrists.


Amazonite Stress relief, integrity, truth
Amethyst  Transformation, spirituality, intuition
Aventurine Green Opens heart, trust in life, prosperity
Azurite Malachite Prosperity, inspiration, take action
Carnelian Creativity, flow, pleasure
Clear Quartz Oneness, amplifies energies, spirituality
Garnet Vitality, love, motivation
Golden Rutilated Quartz Manifestation, high vibes, psychic abilities
Honey Jade Inner strength, vitality, originality 
Howlite Patience, calms stress, insight
Labradorite  Intuition, protection, trust
Lapis Higher wisdom, truth, intuition
Lava Grounding, strength, creation
Mookaite Energy, ideas, enthusiasm
Onyx Grounding, protective, cleansing
Polychrome Jasper Self discovery, inspiration, manifestation
Rainbow Fluorite  Mental clarity, clears energy, heart mind
Rose Quartz Love, compassion, forgiveness
Selenite Spirituality, aligns chakras, higher consciousness
Sodalite Intuition, meditation, truthfulness
Tiger Eye Vitality, power, optimism
Turquoise Wholeness, communication, expansion
Unakite Presence, positive habits, heart healing


The chakra bracelets included the following gemstones for the 7 primary chakras and an extra special connection to your 8th chakra, the Soul Star Chakra: 

  1. Garnet
  2. Carnelian
  3. Honey Jade
  4. Green Aventurine 
  5. Amazonite
  6. Lapis
  7. Amethyst
  8. Selenite