Pink Kunzite, Faceted

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If you are looking for the top, best, most amazing heart chakra crystal, Kunzite is it! This faceted Kunzite piece has both stunning clarity and deep color as well as areas that are more clouded. What a representation of most of our hearts! 

Kunzite – Kunzite activates the heart chakra and aligns the heart chakra with the higher energies of the throat and third eye chakras.  It synthesizes the energies to produce both loving thoughts and communication.

Just holding this stone produces the feeling of a powerful peace, gently penetrating the inner core of ones being.

It connects one to the infinite source of love, providing purification on all levels, dissolving negativity.

It allows for internal acknowledgement and external expressions of self-love, unconditional love, romantic love, love for humanity, animals, plants, minerals – all that is.

It is an excellent stone for those who are not totally relaxed and at ease when expressing the emotions of the heart.

Kunzite is a conduit from one’s heart to the vibration of Divine Love.

Meditating with Kunzite can facilitate profound experiences of Universal Love.

Carrying or wearing the stone helps one move through one’s day with kindness, gentleness, serenity and altruistic behavior.

It is a great gift as it facilitates stress relief, which is good for both physical and emotional health.


Works with the 4th Chakra.

1.75" T x 1.0" W x 0.6" D