Clean Crystal Candles

Our 100% Natural and mostly Organic candles have been developed to enhance your conscious journey of awakening your spirit. We mindfully designed them at every level. Starting with balancing a specific chakra, adding in flow with healing crystals and infusing positive intention into every candle. All of our products are a devotion to quality, infused with high vibrations and filled with universal love for elevating humanity.

Our Clean Crystal Candles bring the warmth and magic of candle light and the healing properties of all natural crystals and gemstones together. Every piece of quartz has been charged under the full moon light to cleanse the spirit and restore you from within. Add to your meditation space, altar or area of your home to elevate the positive vibrations.

All of our candle ingredients are ethically sourced from the USA. We use organic whenever possible and all natural which means non-GMO and plant based. We use zero paraffin wax so there are no petroleum products being burned in your home. Our organic hemp wicks burn clean and won't leave a chemical residue. The glass jar is made right here in the USA with no lead.

Our candles are perfectly unscented, letting you fully enjoy the beauty of your candle without all the nasty chemicals of artificial fragrances.

   Fragrance Free 

Petroleum Free Handmade in Colorado Cruelty Free